Is it time for seasonal deep cleaning for your office?

While most people seem to associate a deep cleaning with “spring cleaning” the fact of the matter is that just about any time is a good time to do a seasonal deep cleaning for your office.? The key is to try and tackle a series of cleaning tasks about every three to six months so that you can keep your office running at peak efficiency and reinvigorate your employee’s morale.? You may want to do a deep cleaning at year’s end, when your fiscal year ends, or if you are a seasonal business, during the slower part of the year.

Start with the obvious, which are piles of papers that tend to accumulate during the normal course of business.? File away invoices, bills that have been paid, records, and other documents you need to keep for the longer term.? When you toss documents, either have them shredded or check them for sensitive information.

Computers can sometimes be neglected during a seasonal clean-up, but they house just as much, if not more important information that needs to be filed and protected.? Remove old files, run software updates, reconfigure applications and so forth to keep your machines running at peak efficiency.? Also do a master back-up in case one or more of your hard drives crashes.? Also use this time to physically clean your computers, wiping up accumulated dust, cleaning keyboards with a disinfectant to remove germs, oil and dirt, making sure to use products that are computer friendly.

When you’ve handled these tasks, it’s time to bring in a commercial office cleaning service.? A seasonal deep cleaning should include removing cobwebs from hard to get at places, shining windows inside and out (when possible), scrubbing furniture to remove dirt, grime, stains and germs.? Make sure the service moves furniture before they do a carpet and hard surface flooring deep cleaning.? Hidden dirt can pile up and lead to allergic reactions over time, so now is when you want all of that build-up removed.

Finally, your service should clean vents, light fixtures, top surfaces of doors, and other places you don’t normally think twice about during the normal course of routine cleaning.

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